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Bovska Skaklya waterfall near Sofia - Bulgarian Adventure Tours

Bovska Skaklya waterfall near Sofia

Stunning but accessible waterfall near Sofia offering breathtaking views and hiking opportunities to the outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Bovska Skaklya is one of the highest waterfalls in Bulgaria. It cascades down the vertical cliffs of one of the numerous deep valleys bringing its waters down to Iskar River flowing north through the Balkan Mountains in its magnificent gorge. The highest fall is an 85 meters sheer drop followed by several smaller ones which accumulate to an amazing overall of 140 meters of falling water.  The waterfall is most impressive in the spring when the melting snow generates large amounts of water running down every mountain stream. During the hot summer months the waterfall can dry up completely only to return with the autumn rains. If the winter is cold, the water can freeze in beautiful shapes making the whole area quiet and eerie without the constant sound of the falling waters.

Situated in the deeply cut Iskar gorge, only an hour away from the centre of Sofia, Skaklya waterfall is one of the most accessible natural phenomenons of such proportions in the region. A steep but very well made and secure trail leads up to the bottom of the waterfall and further on to its very top. From here one can see deep into the river gorges and above the clouds towards the other parts of Western Balkan Mountains. A small village, called Zasele, is a good spot for a break and little chat with the locals. There are many legends about this region and you can hear about medieval knights, rebels and their hidden treasures, and brave local heroes.

You could also hear about one of the legends of the Bulgarian literature – the poet, writer and novelist Ivan Vazov (1850 – 1921). He spent two years of his life in a nearby village and the waterfall was one of his favourite spots in the region. The trail that leads to the waterfall is named after him and the story goes that he met some of the prototypes for his characters in this region.

Should you wish to explore beyond the city streets and sights, Bovska Skaklya is an amazing opportunity to visit a stunning waterfall near Sofia. Skaklya waterfall is the highlight of our Iskar Gorge Day Hike from Sofia.