Booking Terms and Conditions

Please check our terms and conditions carefully as there may be important information you need to know and you will be asked to agree with them in order to complete your booking. We do update these from time to time so please check back regularly. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

By purchasing a package tour from operated by Bulgarian Adventure Tours Limited, registered in the Republic of Bulgaria – company number 204448316, registered as a tour operator in the National Tourism Register – number РК-01-7690 you confirm that you have read and agree with the terms and conditions listed here. After your booking has been confirmed these terms and conditions serve as a contract between all persons mentioned in the booking and Bulgarian Adventure Tours Limited.

1. Bookings

Bookings are made via our website, telephone or e-mail. All details of a specified tour are listed in the tour offer on the website. Should you require additional information you need to contact us. A booking will be confirmed once the required deposit or full payment has been made. An enquiry is not considered as a booking.

2. Currency, pricing and deposit

All prices are in Euro (EUR). Upon booking please take into consideration the currency exchange rate as this changes daily.

Please ensure all details are correct at the time of booking. Booking confirmation will be sent by e-mail however postal confirmations can also be made if required and only when time permits before the beginning of a tour.

Day tours and activities require full payment at the time of booking.

Longer tours which include overnight stay require a deposit of 100 Euro when booked more than 45 calendar days before departure. The payment of the remaining balance will be required 45 days before departure. When booking is made 45 calendar days or less before departure full payment is required.

3. Payment methods

You can make payment via our website, via telephone, PayPal or bank transfer. All fees and taxes that might incur are covered by the customer.

Paying on the website – this is the easiest way to book and pay. We use PeekPro as a payment gateway and the fee to pay online is 6% of the total price per booking but no more than 30 Euro.

Paying over the phone – in order to do this you will need to call us to complete your booking and make the payment. We will process the payment through the PeekPro gateway. There is no charge for telephone payments.

PayPal – if you wish to use PayPal we will send you an electronic invoice via e-mail which will have a direct payment link. There is no charge for PayPal payments.

Bank transfer – you can pay directly into our bank account using your invoice or booking number as a reference. The charges to do so depend on your bank.

4. Text Accuracy

We make every possible effort to ensure that that the information and prices on our website and on any promotional materials are accurate and up to date. Nevertheless errors may occur or minor itinerary amendments may be made. Please, make sure that the information and price at the time of booking is correct and it corresponds to the information on your invoice and/or voucher.

5. Booking Alterations

Should a customer wish to make an alteration to their booking in any way please contact a member of staff in the first instance by telephone or e-mail. We will endeavour to meet the needs of the customer’s requests, however we cannot guarantee that any request will be satisfied. If a customer is not satisfied with the possible alternations a booking termination will be available according to our cancellation policy.

6. Cancellation by the Customer

Cancellations should be written and addressed by e-mail or post to Bulgarian Adventure Tours Ltd. The cancellation date is the date of receiving the e-mail/letter. All cancellations will incur an administration or a penalty charge and only the remaining amount of the price paid minus the fee will be refunded as follows:

Day tours and activities – Up to 7 calendar days before departure – full refund. 7 or less calendar days before departure – no refund.

Tours longer than 1 day and including overnight stay – 45 calendar days or more before the start of the tour will incur a charge equal to the deposit paid; 44 – 7 calendar days before the start of the tour will incur a penalty charge of 50%; 7 or less calendar days before the start of the tour will incur a penalty charge of 100%.

Any refunds made are based on the tour price charged by Bulgarian Adventure Tours Limited and do not include any additional fees incurred via any of the payment methods.

If a service provided by Bulgarian Adventure Tours Limited is omitted by the customer due to last-minute illness, flight cancellation or any other reason this will be considered as a “no-show” and no refund will be made. If a customer decides to leave the tour before its end the same rule will apply.

7. Cancellation by Us

In the unlikely event that a tour is cancelled by us we will offer the customer the right of a full refund or the choice of another tour with the Bulgarian Adventure Tours Ltd subject to availability. Please note we do not accept responsibility for any additional charges incurred when booking a tour such as additional transfers, flights or accommodation bookings.

Any refunds made are based on the tour price charged by Bulgarian Adventure Tours Limited and do not include any additional fees incurred via any of the payment methods.

8. Insurance

Please ensure you have appropriate insurance such as travel, health and luggage while on the tour as this is not included in our packages and it is up to the customer to acquire the desired cover.

We offer specific insurances as a part of some of our tours which cover which cover you in certain situations – e.g. mountain rescue insurance. However these do not replace your travel or medical insurance.

Bulgarian Adventure Tours Limited holds Tour Operator Liability Insurance which ensures that you and they money paid are protected if the agreed services are not provided by us or any of our suppliers. If such situation arises we will endeavor to provide you with any support possible.

9. Travel Documents

It is the customer’s responsibility to meet all visa, passport, immigration, customs, and health requirements. Additional information can be found on the website of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Bulgarian Adventure Tours Limited is not responsible for any customer that fails to meet the requirements. A valid passport or ID card must be carried by each customer.

10. Responsibility of Bulgarian Adventure Tours Limited

Our responsibility is to ensure the tours follow the itinerary and that the customers receive the services included accurately and professionally. During a tour we may rely on service providers that are not employees of Bulgarian Adventure Tours Ltd. Therefore should unforeseen circumstances occur where we are unable to deliver the service originally included in the tour, we will ensure customers are found a suitable alternative. It is our priority to ensure customers are well catered for and their needs and requirements are met even in the case of any supplier failure.

11. Responsibility of the Customer

Each customer is responsible for complying with the tour requirements if any (physical abilities, fitness level, weight or height restrictions, age, etc.). Bulgarian Adventure Tours Limited reserves the right to refuse a service if a pre-arranged requirement is not met or false information is given by the customer.

Each customer should behave appropriately towards any other customer on the tour, the staff of Bulgarian Adventure Tours Limited, a service provider or a member of the public. Instructions given by the guide(s) should be followed as it is their responsibility to ensure customers safety. Bulgarian Adventure Tours Limited is not responsible for any personal injury or loss.

12. Tour Photographs

Any photographs taken by our staff featuring any customer or customers during a tour may be used for media and advertising purposes without the customer’s permission. If a customer wishes to opt out, this should be done in writing via e-mail.

13. Complaints and Feedback

If any problem occurs during a tour, a customer should immediately notify the tour guide so an appropriate action can be taken. In case of a problem with the place of accommodation, the staff of the hotel/guesthouse should be addressed. If the customer is not happy with the solution, the problem still exists or is outside the tour guide’s competency the management of Bulgarian Adventure Tours Limited should be addressed immediately via telephone or e-mail with full details.

We will not be able to assist with any problems that have been brought to us after the completion of the tour. We welcome any feedback you may have for us so should you have a compliment or a complaint please send an e-mail. Any feedback may be used for media and advertising purposes without the customer’s permission. If a customer wishes to opt out, this should be done in writing via e-mail.

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Revised May 2017